Reasons to Choose Clear Aligners in St Peters

Posted on: June 29, 2016

Clear Aligners in St. PetersIf you are still deciding between traditional braces and clear aligners in St. Peters, we are here to help. While there is no doubt that traditional braces perform wonderfully and offer beautiful results, clear aligners also have their positive attributes. Many adults and teens are steering toward clear aligners when it comes to choosing between the two.

No Metal Mouth

While traditional braces work adequately, they don’t particularly look as attractive as some would prefer. Those who go to school, work, or visit the public in general every day may prefer a less noticeable straightening option, like clear aligners in St. Peters. When you are presenting a project, making new friends, or trying to impress a crowd, it is beneficial to wear clear aligners that others rarely notice.

No Trouble Cleaning

Clear aligners are completely removable, while braces are permanent unless removed by an orthodontist or dentist. When you have something stuck in your teeth or plaque buildup, nothing is more frustrating than not being able to clean effectively. While there are ways to properly floss with braces using Waterpiks and other devices, it’s easier to clean your teeth with clear aligners. All you do is remove them briefly to floss and brush your teeth, then place them back in your mouth. This feature is especially beneficial if you want to look your best throughout the day, maintain an excellent dental health record, or you have a special event like a wedding or graduation coming up. In addition to being able to remove your aligners to clean, you are also able to remove them to eat. You’ll never have to worry about food particles getting lodged in your braces.

No Metal Allergies

Unfortunately, many patients do not realize they have metal allergies until after traditional braces have been placed. If you are aware of metal allergies or you want to avoid the potential nuisance of finding out, clear aligners in St. Peters are the better alternative.

No More Discomfort

While traditional braces do not irritate every patient, some people find it hard to avoid abrasions and discomfort when wearing them. With clear aligners, you will wear a comfortably designed plastic tray over your teeth that will not cause any irritation to your cheeks or gums. However, with any straightening option, you will likely experience a little tightness or pressure as your teeth become accustomed to being moved. If you want to avoid the trouble of applying wax to irritating wires and brackets, the clear aligners option is the more convenient discomfort-free choice.

In addition to these great qualities, clear aligners may help you avoid gum disease. Gum disease is caused by the buildup of bacteria and tartar (hardened plaque) under the gum lines. It can cause gum recession, bleeding, swelling, and even tooth loss if it is not quickly treated. Being able to remove your aligners may help you clean more thoroughly between teeth so you can keep gum disease at bay.

To learn more about why clear aligners in St. Peters may be right for you, visit for an appointment. We can learn about your teeth and provide you with the best straightening choice for your needs.

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