Seniors Can Benefit from Adult Braces

Posted on: May 2, 2016

Adult BracesIf you have finally retired and are considering adult braces we encourage you to visit our orthodontics office to learn more about your options. Retirement age is actually a perfect time of life to do the things that you’ve always wanted but put off due to time constraints. While most people think to do things like travel to their favorite vacation destination or finally buy a boat for the lake, why not spend a little bit of time on your appearance? If your smile has always been that thing that drives you just a little bit nuts, if it always bothered you when you look in the mirror, there’s no time like the present to take the steps necessary to change it.

You Have Options

As an adult, there are benefits to straightening your teeth. While children typically have to use metal braces due to the restrictions and the fact that their jaw has not yet solidified, as an adult, more orthodontics treatments are open to you. For example, you can wear traditional metal braces because perhaps you find them to be more durable and therefore convenient. The point is that you have options and you are in the driver seat. With that in mind, here are a few things that you should know about your treatment options –

#1 Adult braces can be discreet.

There are two ways adult braces can straighten your teeth without it being obvious. The first is for you to wear clear ceramic braces. This procedure works very similarly to what you would expect from regular metal braces. Brackets are bonded to the surface of your teeth, a wire is threaded between them, and the wires are held in place using clear rubber bands. Everything from the brackets to the wires to your rubber bands is all either clear or tooth colored. This way they blend in. For many of our patients, this is an ideal solution.

#2 Adult braces can be removable.

If you are worried about your appearance but also flexibility, let us know. In situations like these, we recommend wearing clear aligners because you’re aligners will surround your teeth just like a full retainer would. Your teeth will be moved into position gradually so teeth and root system are not damaged or jeopardized in any way. However, since your aligners are designed to be removed, it is possible for you to go out and eat whatever you would like, get married or make a presentation at work without anyone noticing that you’re in the middle of an orthodontics treatment.

The bottom line for any senior looking to straighten their teeth is that now is a fabulous time to do so. When you visit our office for a consultation and to discuss adult braces, we can help you to understand the many benefits of each solution that we offer while assisting you in selecting the solution that will work best for straightening your teeth. As a senior,you have spent your life making important decisions, this is one decision that you can make knowing that regardless of which option you select, your teeth will end up looking absolutely beautiful.

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