Speak with Our Office About a TMJ Treatment

Posted on: January 16, 2018

TMJ TreatmentWe provide a Temporomandibular Joint and Muscle Disorder, TMJ, treatment that can help alleviate any discomfort our patients are feeling. TMJ is a serious condition that will start out with minor discomfort and steadily worsen over time. Most people will start to report that their jaw feels sore and tender or that they suffer from headaches in the morning. Since the discomfort is not severe, many people will simply brush off the symptoms and hope that they go away.

If the symptoms do not go away or become worse, it is important to visit our clinic for help. The risks that result from not seeking professional treatment are high. If the individual does not receive TMJ treatment, the condition can intensify and eventually, it may be difficult or impossible to open the jaw. This sensation of lockjaw can be incredibly frightening. Fortunately, we can usually prevent this with treatment.

What causes TMJ?

There are several things that can contribute to TMJ including jaw malformations and problems with how the teeth come together when biting down. Also, it can be caused by a person grinding or clenching teeth at night, something that can be enhanced when the jaw is out of alignment.

TMJ treatment

There are several approaches to treating TMJ. The first is a noninvasive and convenient option. We can have a night guard designed for a patient to wear while sleeping. This guard will help to alleviate tension by making it impossible for the teeth to grind or clench while sleeping. As a result, it will be impossible to put the same level of strain on the muscles in the jaw and face.

This guard essentially keeps things in a more relaxed position. Patient that use this option report waking up without a sore jaw or headaches caused by TMJ. Since is noninvasive, there is no risk to trying this treatment method, no recovery associated with it and it is incredibly affordable.

Sometimes it is necessary to treat TMJ by working to align the jaw. Orthodontics can be useful for aligning the jaw, therefore some patients will wear clear aligners or even get braces.

Other treatment options

A third option is an oral surgery. This is the most invasive treatment and the results are permanent so it must not be undertaken without serious thought and consideration. We often recommend that people try noninvasive methods first and if they are not effective, then consider surgery. Knowing that oral surgery is effective for treating TMJ and eliminating the symptoms.

Speak with a medical professional about your TMJ symptoms

Each TMJ treatment must be customized based on the health and needs of the individual patient. If you are suffering from this condition we encourage you to call our office and schedule an appointment.

We can conduct an examination, determine what is contributing to your TMJ symptoms and determine the most effective treatment. We can answer further questions at that time, discuss the pros and cons of each solution and then make a plan to move forward. With our help, it is possible to begin feeling better.

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