Stop Dreaming of a Beautiful Smile and Visit Us for Braces for Adults

Posted on: February 15, 2018

Braces for AdultsIf you have been spending time looking at beautiful smiles on Pinterest or Instagram, perhaps it is time to consider getting braces for adults. We offer the solution to our patients and do so with incredible results. Regularly, patients visit us because they are dissatisfied with their smile and have been for quite some time.

In fact, most adults that visit our clinic wished that they had received braces when they were young but did not. Fortunately, we make it possible to straighten teeth regardless of how old a person is. In other words, it is never too late to have a gorgeous smile.

Less complex than one may think

In fact, many adults prefer waiting until they are older to straighten their teeth for one very simple reason. Adults have more options when it comes to the types of braces they can wear. With children, they typically need to wear metal braces. Metal braces are the most durable solution and children are not always the most responsible. Plus, since traditional braces are metal, they are not going to stain like ceramic ones will.

Fortunately, metal braces are smaller than in the past so even adults prefer to wear them. Otherwise, many adults prefer to wear the clear or discrete type of orthodontics. This way, adults can go about their day without any type of teeth straightening treatment being obvious.

Clear braces for adults

There are two main types of clear braces that adults can wear. First is clear ceramic braces. These are similar in style to traditional metal braces since they have a bracket that we bond to the surface of each tooth and a wire that we thread between them. Just like with traditional braces, we secure the wires in place using rubber bands.

The difference is not in how they function but in the appearance. The brackets and wires are tooth-colored so they blend in with the natural tooth structure. By using clear rubber bands, the entire solution is going to blend in with the teeth. If a person keeps their teeth and braces very clean, they will be difficult to see. This is especially true from a distance.

The second type of clear braces involves straightening teeth through the use of aligners. Clear aligners can surround the teeth just like a full retainer. However, they are designed to be worn in a series so that each aligner moves teeth that much closer to their permanent position. Worn for around two weeks at a time, each aligner is tasked with a very specific function. Working in tandem, they will eventually move teeth into the correct position.

All types of braces work on the same general timeline

The solutions mentioned here straighten teeth in roughly the same amount of time. Patients can work to expedite the process by doing things like keeping all dental appointments and following a dentist’s advice. Likewise, patients who skip appointments or damage the braces are going to add time to the treatment plan. We work with patients to help keep everything on schedule.

Learn more about braces for adults

It is never too late to straighten teeth. We can be of assistance and help to create the beautiful smile you have been dreaming of when comparing your smile to pictures of people you find online. Now is the right time to make a change. Begin by calling our office and scheduling a consultation.