Surprising Benefits of Clear Braces

Posted on: September 15, 2016

Clear BracesAt Kling Orthodontics, we provide clear braces as one of the many options to straighten teeth. If you are looking for orthodontic solutions, we encourage you to call us. Instead of offering a one-size-fits-all solution, we tailor our approach to the specific needs and goals of our patients.

One of the treatment solutions we are likely to discuss with you is clear braces. It is not difficult to tell why clear braces are incredibly popular among our patients. After all, clear braces can transform your smile and give you the confidence that you need to show it off. To see if this solution is right for you, call and schedule an appointment.

Here are some of the surprising benefits to straightening teeth with clear braces:

#1 Straight teeth are easier to clean

One of the benefits you will find with straight teeth is that they are easier to clean and care for. Crooked teeth make it difficult to clean because they can trap  food between them and cause plaque to form. By making sure that all of your teeth are straight, they are less likely to trap food. Since trapped food increases the risk of developing cavities and gum disease, it is important to consider clear braces as an option.

#2 Your risk for dental damage goes down

When your teeth are crooked, there will be a greater amount of pressure or strain on certain teeth. This pressure can make the teeth more susceptible to dental damage when you eat or during an accident. In fact, you may already see differences as certain teeth wear down while others around them do not.

#3 Your jaw pain or soreness may ease or go away

If your jaw is sore on a regular basis or sore when you are eating, then you need to seek a permanent solution. Your jaw can also be sore because it is out of alignment, which we will address when straightening your teeth. Instead of only looking at the position of each of your teeth, we will also be looking at your jaw and how it comes together. If you are experiencing great discomfort because your jaw is out of alignment, we will most likely recommend orthodontic treatment, such as clear braces. In more extreme cases, we may even recommend a more drastic treatment such as surgery.

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