Teeth Aligners are Easy to Use on Vacation

Posted on: May 16, 2018

Some people have been wanting to try teeth aligners for a straighter smile, but feel summer is not the right time. It is true that vacationing can make it a challenge to stay on a schedule for orthodontist check-ups, but summer can actually be the best time to start straightening teeth as well.

Freedom to get accustomed to aligners

Wearing an aligner can be an adjustment. Patients must learn when to remove them (for meals, brushing or special occasions) and when to put it back in. Aligners must be worn for 20-22 hours per day for the best results, so remembering to put them back in is vital and takes some getting used to. It is easy to learn to get into the habit of wearing aligners when work and school are not providing a distraction.

Fewer people to see

While teeth aligners are virtually invisible, some people still feel self-conscious when they first start wearing them because they simply do not realize how unnoticeable the aligners are. During the summer, there is more time away from people to get used to the idea of wearing an aligner without feeling self-conscious. Once the aligner starts to feel more normal, wearing it out and about will no longer be nerve-wracking. Plus, since they are clear, it is not a problem if anyone notices anyway.

Appointments won't be a problem

With traditional braces, patients need to attend regular orthodontic appointments. This is not the case with aligners since they can be switched out at home. This saves a lot of time and means that patients who travel do not need to worry about coordinating their plans with an orthodontist appointment. We do need to complete an occasional checkup but the family vacation will not interfere with this.

Losing a tray is not as big of a problem as one may think

If a tray is lost during travel, there is an easy fix. While waiting for the orthodontic team to replace the lost tray or waiting to get in for an appointment, simply wear either the previous or the next tray in line. Teeth will not shift quickly or dramatically, so no progress will be lost during this short period of time.

Keeping teeth clean is easier

It is easy to forget to brush and floss when rushing out the door to work or school, but during summer vacation, all the time in the world is available for proper dental hygiene. This is a great opportunity to learn to take the necessary time to floss and brush after meals and in the morning and evening. While the aligner is out for dental care, get into the habit of cleaning it as well.

Summer is an excellent time to get started

Summer is the perfect time to relax and enjoy time away from work and school, but it is also the perfect opportunity to begin a teeth straightening treatment. Teeth aligners are easy to get used to and provide a great low maintenance and attractive teeth straightening option for people of all ages.

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