Wearing Teeth Braces is a Good Opportunity to Improve Your Health

Posted on: March 2, 2018

BracesFor adults and teens, wearing teeth braces could be a good opportunity to make healthy lifestyle changes. Many people automatically gravitate towards snacks and beverages that are high in sugar. They taste good and are convenient since you can find a candy bar and soda at any vending machine or gas station.

The problem is that these types of snacks are terrible for the teeth at any time and especially when wearing braces. We recommend that our patients avoid eating candy, especially the sticky kind and drinking soda while undergoing the orthodontic treatment. Otherwise, eating and drinking these things makes it more likely that a patient will suffer cavities during their treatment, enamel erosion and sensitivity or damage their braces, as is common when biting on sticky candy like a caramel or two.

Fortunately, we find that most of our patients are willing to make these types of changes since the investment they are making is significant enough to warrant protecting their investment. With that in mind, we recommend using this as an opportunity to make healthy lifestyle changes that will be beneficial even after the orthodontic treatment is complete.

Healthy teeth, healthy body

Food and drinks that are good for the teeth are also good for the body. Likewise, food and drinks that are bad for the teeth and could damage teeth braces, are also bad for the body. Things, like eating and drinking too much sugar, can have terrible health consequences including increasing a person’s risk of developing type II diabetes.

So, while we are particularly concerned about how they can endanger a person’s oral health, we know that preventing health problems like diabetes is equally important. Knowing that it is best to make healthy choices both now and in the future.

Think of it this way, if a particular type of food like a candy bar or drink, like soda, is something that we would warn against during orthodontic treatment, it is best to continue avoiding it after getting the braces removed. Doing so could be good for your teeth and for the rest of the body in the long-term.

Improving a person’s appearance

As an orthodontist, we are in the business of improving our patients’ appearance and their health. By straightening teeth and moving them into the correct position, we make it possible for patients to have a beautiful smile, straight teeth and an aligned jaw.

The physical transformation is absolutely stunning and our patients are incredibly pleased with the results once the orthodontic treatment is complete. As an added benefit, patients who also follow our advice and avoid unhealthy snacks and drinks may find that they also lose weight during the orthodontic treatment. After all, sugar soda and candy bars are certainly not good for the waistline.

Take baby steps

Ultimately, the road to a better appearance and healthier body requires taking baby steps. From our perspective, the first choice is to make the important decision to straighten teeth through the use of braces. After making that decision, it will be necessary to make other healthy choices to ensure that teeth remain healthy and teeth braces remain secure throughout the treatment.

Fortunately, these baby steps are easier to make than it may first appear. In fact, with the goal of having a beautiful smile, it may be easier to make these healthy choices and take important baby steps now. To begin the journey, call our office and schedule an appointment today.

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