Teeth Straightening Can Help to Improve Your Bite

Posted on: November 15, 2016

Teeth StraighteningVisiting our office for a teeth straightening procedure is an important step in improving your health and appearance. Straightening your teeth and moving your jaw into the correct position, makes for a beautiful smile and a more attractive appearance. Many of our patients are thrilled with how beautiful they feel once the process is complete.

We are in the business of transforming smiles and enjoy every minute of it. However, that is not all that we do as an orthodontist. The position of your teeth is very important, but so is the alignment of your jaw. If your jaw is out of alignment you can suffer pain every time you eat, speak, and when you open your mouth. A jaw that is out of alignment can also produce future symptoms of Temporomandibular Jaw and Muscle Disorder, TMJ.

Symptoms of TMJ can include loud popping noises, pain, headaches and soreness. People with extreme TMJ may find that they are unable to even open their mouth very far when they wake up in the morning or after eating something. The issues with TMJ can be uncomfortable but also incredibly alarming. Straightening your teeth and aligning your jaw is a simple way for you to take charge of your oral health and prevent some of these complications.

Visit us for a consultation

When you come in for an examination and consultation. we will look at the way that your jaw comes together. We will then determine whether the problem is with the position of your teeth or your actual jawbone. The answer will make a large difference in the type of treatment that we recommend. If your bite is out of alignment due to the position of your teeth, straightening your teeth is an easy way to solve the problem and no additional work will be necessary. However, if your jaw is out of alignment because of the actual formation of your jawbone, then we may need to take additional treatment steps. In some cases, oral surgery may become necessary. We will not know what you need for certain until you come in for an examination.

In many cases, teeth straightening solves bite challenges because it is the crooked or overlapping teeth that make the jaw not come together correctly when you bite down. This is the best case scenario because your treatment plan should not be prolonged by dealing with additional bite issues. This also means that you can solve both problems using braces or clear aligners.

Other teeth-straightening options

However, if your jaw needs to be physically moved, traditional braces are likely to be your best option because we can use rubber bands and other mechanisms to work on aligning it. The reason that some patients prefer jaw surgery is that the process of correcting jaw abnormalities can be completed much faster.

We will explain all of these options to you in greater detail during your consultation so that you can select the course of treatment that you feel is best for your schedule and your budget.

To learn more about teeth straightening and jaw alignment, call our office and schedule a consultation.

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