How Teeth Straightening Works

Posted on: April 17, 2017

Teeth StraighteningFor years teeth straightening has been one of the principle ways that people work to enhance a smile. Many adults remember going through the process as teenagers and are now looking at making sure that their own children also have perfect pearly whites. With straight teeth, children and young adults can grow up with the confidence boost that comes with a winning smile.

There are many advantages to having a straight smile. For this reason, orthodontics continues to evolve as a science, to the point that a growing number of adults are seeking straightening option they did not use as children.

How teeth straightening works

When a patient comes in with malocclusion, crooked teeth, it is a result of teeth growing in at an incorrect alignment. To correct this, the orthodontist is going to need to apply a gradual pressure to the teeth and move them toward the correct alignment. We can do this with the help of treatments like braces and other orthodontic methods. The simplest way to achieve straighter teeth is to use braces.

Braces attach to the teeth and are strategically placed in a way that allows them to be used as an anchor. The rubber bands are then attached to the brace, which combines to put pressure on the teeth. Slowly, the teeth give in to the pressure and move toward the proper alignment. Since multiple teeth are moving at the same time, there is never a fear of overlap or creating a mismatch.

Why get it done

Having crooked teeth can create a social awkwardness. People with straight teeth and beautiful smiles tend to smile a lot more. We know that smiling is one of the most powerful non-verbal forms of communication and want people to be able to do it without feeling self-conscious.

A strong smile also works to help with confidence levels, which is important in a highly competitive world. The truth is that a straight smile is one of the ways that people are able to do better in a number of pursuits that involve confidence.

What are retainers?

A retainer is a device that will be prescribed after a patient goes through a teeth straightening procedure. As mentioned earlier, teeth that are crooked or misplaced, come in that way. In other words, nature assumes that wherever the teeth come in is their correct spot. We use orthodontic tools for teeth straightening to move the teeth and stretch the ligaments to a better location.

After we complete this process, nature tends to want to move the teeth back to their original location and will do so unless we take long-term steps to prevent this. A mouth brace or retainer worn at night helps to prevent the carefully repositioned teeth from moving back to their original spot. It is critical to wear the retainer as prescribed.

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