The Benefits of Straightening Teeth With Clear Aligners in St. Peters

Posted on: May 28, 2015

clear-aligners-in-st-petersWe provide clear aligners in St Peters and use them to straighten the teeth of our adult patients.  There is a variety of reasons to use orthodontics including closing gaps in between your teeth, straightening crooked ones, and aligning your bite.  Doing so will dramatically improve your overall appearance and your oral health by eliminating the spaces where food and bacteria tend to become trapped.  Simultaneously, when your bite is aligned it eliminates any undue stress that is being placed on certain teeth or your joints.  If you are on the fence about straightening your teeth, consider these health benefits for why you should get started.

Many of our adult patients have avoided orthodontics because of a distaste for wearing braces.  Metal braces, while incredibly effective, create certain inconveniences that can get in the way of a busy life.  For example, the inability to eat whatever you want without worrying about food getting stuck in your teeth.  Additionally, those that are worried about their appearance or need to maintain a certain level of professionalism do not appreciate how braces impact how they look.  Fortunately, none of these concerns is a problem when you straighten your teeth using clear aligners.

When you wear clear aligners in St Peters, you can take your aligner out to eat and to brush your teeth.  In fact, you are supposed to wear your aligner for 22 hours a day which leaves plenty of time for meals.  This means that you will not need to worry about the potential of becoming embarrassed by food getting stuck in between your teeth or being unable to eat a plate full of ribs.  You can enjoy all of your favorite foods during your treatment so long as you brush your teeth after eating.  This is important because if you allow food particles and bacteria to remain on your teeth, they will be sealed in place once your aligner is put back on since your saliva will be unable to wash them away.

Another benefit of wearing clear aligners in St Peters is that you can take them out for a special occasion.  If you are getting married, take them out.  If you are attending High School reunion, take them out.  Special date night – leave your aligner at home.  We recommend that you wear your aligners as much as possible, but the mere fact that you can take them off means that you are in control.  You decide what is important enough to leave your aligner at home.  Just remember that if you do this too frequently, your treatment time will be delayed accordingly.

Many of our patients find that they do not need to remove their aligners as often as they thought they would.  Since they are virtually clear, it is difficult for people to notice that you are wearing them, making it possible to retain your appearance and confidence while they are still in your mouth.

To learn more about the benefits of this treatment and to find out if it is right for you – call and schedule a consultation.