Tips for Relieving Pain From New Braces

Posted on: September 7, 2019

If you feel pain soon after the orthodontist places new braces on your teeth, do not panic. The pain is only momentary and will disappear as your teeth adjust to having a new metal. You may also experience soreness after your routine adjustments. If you feel pain or soreness with braces, the following tips can help make you more comfortable.

Oral anesthetics

Some pain relievers, including Orajel and Abesol, can be applied right onto the gums and teeth. Using a cotton swab or finger, apply the numbing gel to the parts where you feel pain. The taste of the gel may not be pleasant, but it is useful for desensitizing the mouth and relieve the pain.

Use over-the-counter pain relievers

If you are going for new braces or braces adjustments, you can take pain meds an hour earlier to ease any discomfort that may occur during installation. Any painkiller should be effective but ensure you follow the usage instructions provided on the package or container.

You should avoid taking painkillers frequently because excessive use can be harmful. They are helpful when other remedies fail to alleviate the pain.

Apply an icepack

As with a wound, you can apply a cold compress on the area, where you feel the pain. Using a  gel-icepack or ice pack on the outside of your mouth will help reduce inflammation and eventually contribute to minimizing the discomfort.

Orthodontic wax

The dentist will probably provide you with orthodontic wax after your appointment. This is a special wax that shields the inside of your cheeks, gums, and lips from the metals of the braces. The wax serves as a barrier that stops the sharp end of the bracket from causing irritation in the mouth.

To use the wax, the orthodontist will provide specific instructions to follow. However, the basic concept is to mold the wax over the bracket responsible for irritation. The wax is non-toxic and would cause no harm if you mistakenly swallow some, but ensure you remove it before brushing your teeth. You can reapply after brushing or eating.

Drink cold water

If you cannot easily access painkillers or ice packs, you can drink ice cold water as an excellent, inexpensive way to ease pain after getting new braces. The cold temperature creates a numb feeling in your mouth and reduces inflammation in sore gums.

Eat soft foods

There are diet restrictions with traditional braces, especially hard meals. If you recently got braces or had adjustments, you might want to eat only soft foods and avoid hard, crunchy ones. Foods like mashed potatoes, soup, and cereal are great choices. Soft foods prevent your teeth from undergoing the stress of biting and chewing – do your teeth a favor and stick to them.

Final note

Although getting braces or having them tightened may cause slight pain, remember that the pain is momentary and will disappear within days. Any discomfort you experience with braces will all be worth it when they finally come off after realigning your teeth.

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