The Truth About Adult Braces

Posted on: October 2, 2016

Adult Braces

Many adults have figured out that with adult braces they can get the straight beautiful teeth that they have always wanted. This has led to a revolution in the way people view teeth straightening, especially when it comes to patients who are no longer in their teens. Whereas in the past, people would avoid getting their teeth straightened because they were afraid of having to go through a long orthodontic process, today adults are getting their teeth straightened in record numbers.  Technological advances in adult braces help to facilitate this ability.

No longer do adults have to live with the teeth that they were given, simply because they are too old for a change. There is no such thing as too old when it comes to straightening your teeth using adult braces.  Many of the patients who come to visit us do have some concerns, which often stem from common misconceptions on the internet and other places, which has led them to delay getting their treatment. If you are an adult who has malocclusion, adult braces can help straighten your teeth.

No Age Limit

One of the common misconceptions is that there is an age limit to the use of adult braces.  This is simply not the case. The only thing that we are required to do is to provide you with a consultation which allows us to assess whether or not your teeth can be adequately straightened using adult braces. If your teeth are in relatively good health, you have good health, and there are no underlying conditions that may prevent us from being able to provide you with straight teeth, adult braces can help to cure your malocclusion.

If you are an older patient or are helping an older patient decide to get adult braces, and they are concerned about their health it is always a good idea to speak with a medical health care provider who can assure you that braces are one of the simplest, and most uncomplicated orthodontic devices used. Adult braces simply use pressure to move your teeth from one position to the other so that they align better. This can be done on patients of all ages, as long as they have healthy teeth.

They Are Affordable 

Another common misconception when it comes to adult braces is that they cost significantly more than getting braces for a teenager or adolescent. Again this is simply not the case. Adult braces use advances in medical technology which allows us to provide you with the option to straighten your teeth at no matter what age you happen to be. The technology is the same, the dentist is the same, and everything we do for an adult tooth is the same as we would do with an adolescent or child.

It is true that sometimes adults have more severe cases of malocclusion, or it is harder to move the teeth back into the proper alignment because of the age of the patient. However, these are normal factors and should be discussed at length when you were considering getting your teeth straightened with adult braces. We can go over them when you visit our orthodontist office.

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