Use a Dental Aligner to Fix One or Two Crooked Teeth

Posted on: July 16, 2018

A dental aligner is an incredible tool for anyone to use who has one or two crooked teeth and wants to straighten their smile quickly. It is not uncommon for people to have a few teeth that just do not fit. They may have a tooth come in crooked, have too large of space in between it and the next tooth, or other issues with gaps or not enough space. In any case, it can be difficult for people to decide to get traditional braces when they only have a couple of teeth that need to be corrected. The aligner is such a simple tool to use that anyone can do it, even people who never wanted to wear braces.

Is straightening one or two teeth really worth it?

If anyone is asking this question, then the answer is yes. The only time it is not worth straightening a tooth is if someone does not notice it. However, if a person sees a crooked tooth every time they look in the mirror, of course, it is indeed worthwhile to take the time to fix it. Since the aligners make it incredibly easy to do so, there is genuinely no drawback.

Does it take a long time?

Not at all. If a person only has a couple of teeth that need to move, the treatment may only last a few months. It is not uncommon for someone to wear aligners for six months to a year and ultimately transform the appearance of their smile. Of course, the exact treatment plan is going to be different for each person.  It is essential to schedule an examination and consultation to find out exactly what the timeframe may be for you.

Remember, a dental aligner is virtually invisible

In addition to being able to straighten teeth quickly, an aligner is so discrete that it is nearly impossible to tell that a person is even wearing one. This is a big deal, especially for people who only have one or two teeth that need to be moved and adjusted. Instead of having a mouthful of braces to straighten a couple of teeth, a person can wear clear aligners that cannot be seen. They surround the teeth like a plastic retainer would, and as long as they are kept clean, as well as the teeth cleaned, no one should be able to tell they are being worn. This perk is the best thing about aligners and one of the main reasons they are so popular with our patients.

Wearing a dental aligner is convenient

Sure, no one can tell they are being worn, but are they annoying to deal with and maintain? Not really. Truthfully, aligners are super convenient. Because they are removable, they can be taken out when needed so they should never get in the way. Also, they are supposed to be removed when eating and brushing teeth, so there are no required changes to diet or personal hygiene routines. This added convenience is yet another reason they are a call to action for people looking to improve their smile.

Fix your teeth. It is easy to do.

If you have a couple of teeth that are driving you crazy and you want to get a perfect smile, try aligners. Just call our office and schedule a consultation to learn more about aligners and how they can be used to improve your smile.

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