Using a Retainer After a Teeth Straightening Procedure

Posted on: December 19, 2019

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Teeth straightening procedures are done to improve crooked or uneven teeth that may be causing bad dental health, as well as a lack of confidence in one's appearance. Once these procedures are done, it is important to maintain certain habits to ensure that the teeth stay straight and healthy. This is why retainers exist! 

Want to know more about using a retainer after a teeth straightening procedure? In this article, we discuss everything that is important to know. This information may be helpful to someone who is completing their teeth straightening work. Ultimately, consult with a general dentist so they can provide accurate and specific information regarding your teeth. 

Using a retainer after teeth straightening

Retainers can be used to straighten teeth, as well as for maintenance once braces or aligners have done their job. Keep reading to find out more about retainer use after teeth straightening takes place.

What is a retainer?

General dentists administer the use of a retainer for a few different purposes. One of the most common is for maintaining straight teeth after braces or aligners have been removed. Retainers are also used for minor straightening purposes, without the use of another type of treatment.

Retainers are custom-created in a dental lab to specifically fit each patient's mouth. Depending on the circumstances, the retainer may be secured into place within the mouth or it may be removable. Some patients who struggle to wear their appliance may be required to have it permanently placed. However, there are also patients who opt for a removable one, so they can take it out during eating or teeth cleaning.

How does a retainer work for teeth straightening?

After teeth straightening procedures are complete, it is important for the patient to maintain straight teeth so they do not have to repeat the process all over again. The teeth shift naturally over time, which is next to impossible to control. However, with the help of a retainer, there is less of a chance that shifting will take place.

Most general dentists recommend that patients wear removable retainers at all times, outside of eating or brushing and flossing. Wearing it for most of the day will help prevent any shifting that may reverse the effects of the teeth straightening procedure. The retainer keeps the teeth in place so they remain straight and even.

Important things to note

Once the teeth straightening process is over, it is up to the patient to ensure that their teeth remain straight and healthy. Having discipline with the retainer is important to ensure evenness, but it is also important to maintain good oral health. This means brushing and flossing regularly, as well as keeping the retainer clean.

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