Visit a Braces Specialist as Part of a Smile Makeover

Posted on: June 2, 2018

Visit a braces specialist as part of a smile makeover. Having a beautiful smile can be incredibly beneficial. It is an easy way to improve a person's appearance with the benefit of improving one's oral health, as well. If there are crooked teeth, visible gaps between the teeth or a problem with the person's bite, making cosmetic improvements without correcting these issues is a mistake.

If the individual does not correct these issues, they can create oral health challenges later on. In some cases, people need to repeat some of the initial cosmetic treatments. It is better to address these issues as part of the makeover process.

A braces specialist is the right provider to visit

For anyone who needs to address the following issues, visiting a specialist is going to provide the widest variety of treatment options. A specialist can help with the all of these issues:

  • Closing gaps in between teeth
  • Straightening crooked teeth
  • Creating additional space in the palate
  • Aligning the jaw and correcting bite problems
  • Helping teeth to descend

Since the specialist has the most training in clinical experience, it is easier to address these issues and to know which treatments are going to be the most effective way of doing so.

Treatment options

We have a few options to help improve your smile, including:

1. Clear aligners

Aligners are becoming increasingly popular, especially among working professionals and those who have concerns about their appearance when using orthodontics. The aligners are so difficult to see that they are practically invisible. Consisting of strong and durable plastic, the aligners surround the teeth.

People wear a series of aligners that gradually move the teeth closer to the final position. Since aligners are removable, patients have complete control over the treatment and can choose to take them out for important events. Also, since they are removable when eating, there are no food restrictions.

2. Ceramic braces

These braces fix to the teeth like traditional braces but consist of clear ceramic so that they do not stand out. They blend in with the tooth structure which makes it difficult to see them from a distance. Ceramic braces are more discrete so long as someone keeps them clean to ensure there is no staining or food in the brackets.  Ceramic braces are an excellent option for handling more complex orthodontic issues while still being discreet.

3. Metal braces

The traditional option, metal braces are still an effective and durable treatment option today. Metal braces are more common when treating children but many adults will also elect for metal braces due to their durability. People can wear the metal braces when correcting major orthodontic issues that are incredibly effective for doing so.

Speak with the braces specialist when evaluating options for a smile makeover

Given the wide variety of issues a specialist can treat, and the many options for doing so, anyone who is considering a smile makeover should visit our office. We can conduct an examination, ask questions and then make recommendations for treatment options that should be part of that smile makeover. To start the process, schedule consultation today.

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