Visit a Braces Specialist if You Have Suffered Tooth Loss and Want Straight Teeth

Posted on: June 1, 2017

Braces SpecialistAs a braces specialist, we treat patients who have lost one or two permanent teeth over the period of their lifetime but are still looking to wear braces. This is a complex situation that requires the assistance of an orthodontist who has the correct training and clinical experience. A family dentist can do an excellent job at various cosmetic procedures but do not have the proper level of training to provide braces treatment. Fortunately, we have the expertise one may need.

Why did you lose teeth?

Before straightening teeth, we need to know the reason for the initial tooth loss. If there are any underlying infections, then we need to treat them prior to placing braces. Gum disease, for example, can lead to tooth loss if it is left untreated. There is no point in putting braces on teeth that are suffering from an infection.

It is best to treat these issues first and then to move to orthodontics. However, if the underlying health issue has already been resolved, there is no reason for a patient not to receive braces. The other reason teeth typically fall out is because they are damaged in an accident. Again, this does not preclude a patient from getting braces.

Have the teeth been replaced?

As an orthodontist, we also need to determine if the teeth have been replaced and if so, how. The process for moving teeth is complex and a patient wearing dentures, having a dental bridge or dental implants makes a difference in the process. This does not mean that one cannot wear braces but that additional planning steps are necessary to ensure that everything goes smoothly with the overall treatment process.

Orthodontic options

We offer numerous ways to straighten the teeth and improve a patient’s smile. As braces specialists, we offer far more treatment options than a traditional dentist. This includes traditional metal braces which are smaller and more comfortable than in years past. For patients with concerns for their appearance during the treatment, we offer clear ceramic braces. Clear ceramic braces function in the same way with a bracket on each tooth and a wire threaded between them.

The difference is that ceramic braces blend into the natural teeth and are difficult to notice. Additionally, we also treat patients using clear aligners. These are a convenient solution for anyone wanting to straighten teeth without it being noticeable. It really comes down to which solution is going to work best with missing teeth and which solution fits best with the patient’s lifestyle.

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