We Offer Discreet Adult Braces at Our Orthodontist Office

Posted on: October 21, 2019

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Braces are often used to treat patients with teeth alignment issues. Traditional metal braces have been the norm for a while, but more subtle options like clear aligners and invisible braces have become increasingly popular in recent years.

Many improvements have been made to traditional metal braces, as well. They now have slicker designs that are not as visible as their predecessors were. Newer versions can actually complement a person's appearance, with all sorts of customizations available.

Regardless of how improved the aesthetics of modern traditional braces are, most adults would still rather not use orthodontic devices that can be easily noticed when they interact with others. They want straighter looking teeth, but they do not want the hassle of having to explain why they have a bunch of wires and brackets on their teeth.

Discreet braces for adults

Clear aligners

Clear aligners make it possible to improve the alignment of a person's teeth without compromising their appearance. These devices are made from clear plastics and they are hard to spot when a person is wearing them.

Most importantly, there are very effective when it comes to dealing with a host of teeth-alignment issues.

A clear aligner looks a lot like a mouth tray. It is a plastic device that is made from transparent materials. It is designed to fit snugly against a person's teeth and gradually push them towards their proper alignment. Each aligner is typically worn for a period of about two weeks then it is replaced with another that applies a little more force to the person's teeth. By the time the person goes through the entire series of trays, their teeth are typically in the desired position.

There are many benefits that come with clear aligners, besides them being a more subtle way to straighten teeth. These include:

  • Clear aligners are easier to get used to
  • The aligner can be removed for meals or oral hygiene
  • Clear aligners are a more comfortable solution
  • They cost about the same as traditional metal braces

Ceramic braces

Here is another discreet way to fix alignment issues. Ceramics braces are very similar to traditional ones, meaning they work by utilizing brackets and wires. Traditional devices use metal brackets and wires, but ceramic braces utilize tooth-colored ceramic brackets. The metal wires are switched out for transparent ones.

This makes it a lot harder to sport ceramic braces compared to the traditional alternatives — which are almost impossible to miss.

Ceramic braces provide effective treatments for patients, but they also share some of the same drawbacks as their traditional counterparts. The patient cannot remove the device once it has been installed by a dentist, so it can take some time for the person to get used to eating with it and cleaning it.

Ready to get your braces?

Not wanting to wear braces is no longer a valid excuse for not dealing with your teeth alignment issues. You can now get an orthodontic device that will straighten your teeth, and people will not even realize you are wearing it.

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