We Offer More Professional-Looking Adult Braces at Kling Orthodontics

Posted on: September 29, 2015

Adult Braces at Kling OrthodonticsIf you need adult braces at Kling Orthodontics but you are hesitating because you think they look unprofessional, we have some information that may be interesting to you. According to a survey by American Association of Orthodontists, 78% of Americans, that is over three-fourths, think adults with crooked teeth look unsuccessful and many people with crooked teeth feel like they are missing out on a nicer job due to their smile. With these statistics, it seems that getting adult braces at Kling Orthodontics will increase your chances of looking professional and becoming more successful.

Not only will straight teeth make you look more attractive, but they will also increase the health of your teeth and give you a more hygienic appearance. Crooked teeth can increase your chance of getting cavities and paying higher dentist bills for repairs at any age. Adult braces at Kling Orthodontics can help you maintain attractive, straight, and healthy teeth. Braces are actually more common for adults than ever before. In many cases, adults make up about 50% of braces wearers.

New Designs

If you are concerned that the appliance of braces looks unsightly or distracting, we are happy to tell you that we now offer more light-weight, attractive, and less obvious braces designs for adult teeth. The braces today have smaller brackets, zero thick bands around teeth, and tooth-colored options. Some of these designs for adult braces at Kling Orthodontics are:

Lingual Braces- These braces are a very popular option because they still use the tried-and-true traditional metal braces method.  However, the braces are placed on the back of the teeth so they are not noticeable to others. They are commonly called concealed braces.

Ceramic Braces- These are similar to traditional braces, but they are more attractive using tooth-colored and translucent ceramic components that blend in with your teeth. This is a popular option for adults because it is more cosmetically appealing and, since adults are more careful, they wear ceramic braces more successfully. Ceramic braces are slightly more fragile than traditional braces so extra precautions will need to be taken.

Traditional Braces- Even traditional braces are now created to be more attractive for wearers. The brackets are smaller and the wiring is thinner so the entire structure is simply less noticeable. You can always customize your bands and other parts to be tooth-colored so the entire appliance is not silver.

Shorter Wear Period- For those who want braces but do not want to go through the normal 12-20 month treatment period, we offer shorter treatment times. This form of treatment is reserved for those who need only a few adjustments that are centered around the front teeth. Some adults only have to wear the braces for six months.

These are a few of the designs we provide and we will be happy to work with you on an individual level to determine what option is best for your smile needs. To learn more about our attractive and professional-looking options for adult braces at Kling Orthodontics, visit our office.


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