What are Space Maintainers Used For?

Posted on: December 8, 2020

Orthodontics for Children St Peters, MO

Wondering if your child is in need of space maintainers? The importance of your child’s teeth growing in straight should never be underrated. Straight teeth simply support a healthy mouth. When a dental professional determines that a child’s teeth may grow in crooked, they will use necessary dental procedures such as space maintainers to ensure that their teeth grow in straight. 

What exactly are space maintainers?

According to the American Dental Association, your child may need a space maintainer if they lose a baby tooth prematurely, which means before the permanent tooth is ready to erupt. A space maintainer is a dental device that fills up the empty space due to losing a baby tooth sooner than expected. These devices are custom made for every child as their sole purpose is to make sure that the remaining baby teeth stay exactly where they are supposed to until the permanent teeth come in.

Types of space maintainers

Since there are a few different types of maintainers available, parents are encouraged to talk with their child’s dentist in order to understand the different types. Two of the more common types of maintainers include the band and loop maintainer and the lingual arch.

The band and loop maintainer is held securely in place using a dental crown or an orthodontic band and is a fixed dental appliance that maintains space in a child’s mouth, hence the name. The lingual large maintainer is used when one or more of a child’s molars are lost and are held in place via metal bands on the child’s six-year molars, with the wire that keeps the teeth separated taking place behind the child’s teeth.

Taking care of space maintainers

There is some care involved with wearing space containers, which helps to ensure that they work exactly as they are supposed to. Even though it may be tempting, it is essential for children to avoid pushing or pulling their container, with their fingers or their tongue. Cleaning the teeth thoroughly and carefully is necessary as it is possible for food and debris to become trapped in or around the maintainer. Since it is possible for a space maintainer to become dislodged, children need to be careful when eating hard foods and crunchy foods.

Benefits that come with having straight teeth

As a parent, it is your job to make sure that your child has a healthy mouth and that includes having straight teeth. While having straight teeth makes for a very aesthetically pleasing smile, which increases your child’s self-confidence, there are additional benefits that come with having straight teeth. 

Is your child in need of space maintainers?

Now that you read the above information, are space maintainers necessary for your child? If you are not sure, then make an appointment for a dental evaluation. Parents are encouraged to keep a close eye on their child’s teeth in order to make sure that they are coming in properly. While not all children require dental treatment to ensure that their teeth are coming in straight, there are many who do and that is what makes regular dental appointments for children so very important.

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