What Are Surgical Braces?

Posted on: December 15, 2020

Surgical Braces Florissant, MO

Wondering if you are in need of Surgical Braces? Surgical braces are often necessary after someone has corrective jaw surgery. An experienced dental professional will perform this type of surgery on their patients when their jaws do not come together correctly. This dental surgical procedure is also performed when there is not enough room in one's mouth for all of their teeth to properly fit. Corrective jaw surgery is performed in order to fix any misalignments in the jaw someone has. And surgical braces are used to help straighten the teeth as the jawbone is being adjusted and/or being moved back into its proper position.

What are surgical braces?

Surgical braces are used to straighten one's teeth when they are in need of corrective jaw surgery. When a dental professional is required to perform surgery on one of their patientss jawbone it is also necessary for the patient to wear surgical braces. When the jawbone is moved and repositioned, it is going to have an effect on the patient's teeth. A dental patient will usually have their surgical braces placed on their teeth a couple of weeks or so after the corrective surgery has been performed. This allows some time for the jawbone surgery to heal.

In order to make sure that the teeth are moved into their correct position, surgical braces are worn for a particular period of time. The dental professional will determine what this amount of time will be as it will differ for each individual patient. This period of time tends to range anywhere between six months and 12 months. After the surgical braces have been removed, most patients will need to wear a retainer in order to make sure that the teeth stay in their new and correct position.

When corrective surgery is recommended

Corrective surgery is often recommended for patients who are experiencing a lot of difficulty when chewing or swallowing their food. It is also recommended when someone is having difficulty talking properly, is experiencing chronic jaw problems, has been diagnosed with TMJ and is in constant pain, is experiencing breathing problems or has a protruding jaw. Corrective jaw surgery will not only fix any dental problems someone is currently experiencing, it will also improve their facial appearance.

Can we help you?

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