What to Eat While Wearing Orthodontics in St. Peters

Posted on: April 28, 2015

orthodontics-in-st.-petersWhen you first use orthodontics , it will take some getting used to.  We help to make the process easier by ensuring that your braces fit perfectly and that you are as comfortable as possible.  Still, any time that you are going through a dental treatment, you can expect that there will be a period of adjustment.  One of the many questions that we are asked in the beginning is what food is safe to eat and what needs to be avoided when wearing braces or having another treatment.  The answers can vary based on what is being done to your teeth but here are some basic guidelines that you can follow.

Foods to Avoid

There are always certain things that you should not eat, regardless of the type of orthodontics work that is being done.  These include:

  • Gum.  We recommend that you avoid chewing gum entirely but specifically, you must avoid bubble gum or any gum that has sugar.  If you must chew gum, make sure that it is sugar-free and still be cautious. 
  • Nuts.  Anything hard like nuts can dislodge your brackets and cause them to come loose.  This will interrupt your treatment time and may cause you discomfort.  Avoid them until you are done wearing orthodontics .
  • Chips.  Most people do not consider how hard and crunchy chips actually are.  If you love tortilla chips, Doritos, etc., eating them might damage your brackets or the cement that is bonding something in place.  We suggest that you switch hard and crunchy chips for something soft like puffs or crackers that are easy to chew. 
  • Raw vegetables.  While vegetables are incredibly good for you, we recommend that you do not eat them raw while wearing braces.  Instead, steam them for full flavor without the risk to your teeth.  You can also cut them up and put them into a stir-fry or make a homemade veggie soup so that you can receive all of the benefits without the risk. 
  • Popcorn.  No list would be complete without popcorn.  The kernels can easily become stuck in between your teeth and damage your brackets.  This is not an easy snack to eat with braces so if you love popcorn buy Pirates Booty instead.  This is a puffed corn that tastes great, but there is nothing crunchy inside of this snack.

Foods to Eat

When wearing braces, and all of the time, it is important to eat food that is healthy for you.  Many people do not realize that food can help your teeth by remineralizing them.  With that in mind, here is a list of food you should eat now and all of the time.

  • Dairy products.  We recommend that you eat cheese, yogurt and drink milk.  Dairy products are high in calcium and protein, making them an excellent snack and accompaniment to your meals. 
  • Fish.  One of the easiest proteins to eat while wearing braces is fish because it is so tender.  You can eat fish without ever using a knife, and it is full of healthy Omega3s.
  • Smoothies.  Take all of your favorite fruits and veggies and blend them together with protein powder for a nutrient-rich smoothie.  This is an excellent way to stay in good health now and in the future. 

To learn more about what you can and cannot eat while wearing orthodontics , give our office a call.