What to Expect After Braces are Removed

Posted on: December 2, 2020

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Many patients are excited to have their braces removed. And they should be as it is a huge accomplishment. However, the work is not finished once the braces are removed. Maintaining the proper alignment and overall appearance and health of the teeth are dependent on quality aftercare.

How braces aftercare works

By having a full understanding as to how the braces aftercare works, you can make sure to take all of the necessary precautions and follow each step of the process appropriately. Each patient may have slightly different and unique instructions. But, the following is an overview of what can be expected after braces are removed.

Wearing a retainer

The first and perhaps most obvious step in the braces aftercare process is wearing a retainer. This works to maintain the proper alignment of the teeth after the braces come off. Wearing a retainer is also the most important step for ensuring the teeth do not begin shifting back to where they were before braces. It is crucial for the patient to wear the retainer as often as possible, only removing it when absolutely necessary.

Along with wearing the retainer often, patients should also ensure it is kept clean at all times and stored properly when not being worn.

Change in diet

Teeth go through an adjustment period once braces are removed. It is important to not do anything to aggravate the teeth while they are adjusting to the removal of braces. One of the changes that may be required to ensure the teeth are not aggravated is a change in diet.

Be sure to talk to your dentist or orthodontist about what can and cannot be eaten for the first few weeks or months after braces are removed. It is often best to avoid foods that are either very hot or cold as they can increase the chance of tooth sensitivity.

Teeth whitening

Some patients are concerned with minor stains on their teeth after braces are removed. But, stains are normal and nothing a proper in-office teeth whitening procedure cannot fix. However, it is important not to rush into teeth whitening following the removal of braces. It is strongly encouraged to refrain from attempting over-the-counter whitening kits as they may increase the level of sensitivity.

After several weeks of life without braces, the teeth should be ready for teeth whitening. Then patients are able to enjoy a bright, beautiful smile of straight teeth.

Good oral hygiene

Perhaps one of the more vital precautions to take when ensuring teeth health and a quality cosmetic appearance after braces are removed is practicing good oral hygiene. The appearance and overall health of the teeth after braces are dependent on quality care and a consistent brushing routine.

Be sure to avoid consuming too many foods and drinks that can damage enamel.

Have a proper routine in place that consists of brushing several times a day, flossing and using mouthwash daily and checking for any signs of oral health or cosmetic complications.

In conclusion

Your teeth alignment treatment does not stop once braces are removed. In fact, you could go through the process all over again if you do not follow a proper aftercare routine. If you have recently had braces removed or need general orthodontic advice, then contact us today and we will be happy to answer any questions.

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