Which Braces are Right for Me?

Posted on: June 5, 2015


At Kling Orthodontics, we create beautiful smiles in the St. Peters, MO and 63376 area.  If you are interested in straightening your teeth, we invite you to call (636) 660-0525 and schedule a consultation. As a provider of orthodontics in St. Peters, we offer a wide variety of solutions for straightening your teeth and aligning your bite.  While options are a good thing, we have found that this leaves many patients confused about which solution they should try.  If you have ever wondered, “which braces are right for me?” here is what you need to know –

Clear Aligners in St. Peters.  As an orthodontist in St. Peters, we offer aligners as an alternative to braces.  Our solution, EZ-Align® in St. Peters, is a convenient way to straighten your teeth.  This procedure works by placing a series of nearly invisible aligners on your teeth.  They look like clear retainers and are slipped into place, worn for approximately 22 hours per day.  To create clear aligners in St. Peters, we begin by taking pictures, measurements and making an impression of your teeth.  This data is used to create a 3D image of the position your teeth are in now.  We will then create a treatment map that accounts for the smallest of movements that will take place to take your teeth from where they are today, to the finished product.  The aligners are created to represent various steps in this process.  Each one is worn for around two weeks before being switched out for the next one in the series.  By the time all of them have been worn, your teeth should be in position.  Many of our patients like the EZ-Align® process due to the convenience of being able to take them out to eat, go on a date, take family photos, etc.  This solution is only for adults and older teens so if your child need braces, they will be best served by children’s braces in St. Peters.

Ceramic Braces in St. Peters.  While aligners are effective, they are not for everyone.  There are times where the misalignment of the jaw or teeth is so severe the wearing ceramic braces in St. Peters, would achieve better results, faster.  If you need adult braces in St. Peters, this is an ideal solution because they are as durable and work incredibly well but they are difficult to see.  Instead of traditional metal braces in St. Peters, the ceramic version has brackets that are created using a ceramic, tooth-colored material.  The treatment concept is the same, but the appearance is completely different because the braces blend in. As an orthodontist in St. Peters, we recommend this solution for adults that want to straighten their teeth but need to do so discretely. 

Clear Braces in St. Peters.  Similar to ceramic braces, Clear Braces can move your teeth into position through a series of brackets and wires.  This solution uses cutting-edge technology and can often move your teeth faster than traditional braces will.  If you are looking for an orthodontic treatment in St. Peters that is effective, you should certainly consider clear braces.  You will need to, however, be confident in your ability to brush your teeth regularly because if you wear clear or ceramic braces, they will only remain discreet if they do not become stained.  Drinking things like coffee or eating food with soy sauce can stain your clear brackets and start to turn them a very noticeable shade of yellow.  

Traditional metal braces.  If you need to straighten your teeth, are worried about the upkeep associated with ceramic braces, or have significant challenges with your bite, traditional metal braces may be the best solution for you.  In our orthodontic office in St. Peters, we find this solution to be the most beneficial for people that need a durable solution that they do not have to constantly think about.  While you do need to be careful with what you eat to prevent damage or food getting stuck, metal braces are incredibly strong and the metal will not stain.  This makes them a viable solution for people of all ages.  In fact, as a provider of children’s braces in St. Peters, metal braces are the only option we recommend for children.  This is because their teeth, jaw, and palate are still changing, and metal braces allow for that. 

Early orthodontic treatment in St. Peters.  In addition to providing braces for children, we can also treat them with solutions designed to create more space in their mouth.  This is sometimes done using metal spacers, an aligner or a myriad of other solutions.  Our goal is to create the right amount of space in their mouth, align their teeth, and jaw.  We do so by using a combination of procedures that can begin as early as seven.

As an orthodontist in St. Peters, we offer this wide range of solutions because we believe that our patients should have a choice in how their teeth are moved.  We understand the importance that lifestyle plays into this critical decision.  To that end, we will ask questions and get to know you so that our recommendations are comprehensive.  This is important if you are trying to looking for an answer to “which type of braces is right for me”.  For example, if you are looking for cosmetic orthodontics in St. Peters, both EZ-Align® in St. Peters and clear braces in St. Peters, will straighten your teeth and move them into position.  Both will do so discretely so the question becomes, do you want to be able to remove your treatment option?  This is possible with clear aligners but not with braces.  For some people, the answer is no because they do not want to think about putting them back in while others could not imagine having braces affixed to their teeth.  This is an incredibly personal decision and one that we can help you make.  If you live in St. Peters, MO or the 63376 area, we invite you to call (636) 660-0525 and schedule an appointment to learn more about the many orthodontic solutions we offer. 

Additionally, when you visit our orthodontic office in St. Peters let us know if you are struggling with jaw or face pain.  You may have TMJ and if so, we provide a non-invasive TMJ treatment in St. Peters. 

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