Why You Should Visit Us for Adult Orthodontics at Kling Orthodontics

Posted on: January 27, 2016

Adult Orthodontics at Kling OrthodonticsWe provide adult orthodontics at Kling Orthodontics so our patients can receive the highest possible quality of care. We understand the value of straightening teeth and aligning the jaw, and how doing so can benefit our patients both physically and in how they view themselves. Most people think of their smile in terms of how other people will view them. It is a good point since an attractive smile can make you appear more friendly, a better team player, and more attractive in general. However, we believe that how you view yourself is of equal, if not more, importance. We have found that when people have crooked teeth, they tend to feel shy about showing their smile or even speaking with strangers. As we straighten our patients’ teeth, we begin to see their self-confidence improve as their self-image is changed. We enjoy being part of that transformation and watching our patients as they begin to love their smile.

Adult Orthodontics at Kling Orthodontics: The Options

When you need to have your teeth straightened or your jaw aligned, visit our office. We can provide you with multiple options so you can select the treatment plan that you feel will work best for your individual needs. For example, we still use traditional metal braces because they are incredibly durable and effective. They do a great job – hands down. Still, they are not for everyone. For those who need a convenient solution, they can control, clear aligners are far better. Aligners can be removed to eat, make a presentation at work, go on a date, smile for a family photo, etc. Nothing else provides the same level of control and flexibility. Since they are supposed to come out while eating, you don’t even need to change your diet or where you like to eat.

Beyond deciding between braces and aligners, you may also need to consider other less common orthodontic solutions, like wearing an expander to create space in your palate for all your teeth. These are things we can go over with you in detail after conducting a thorough examination and taking x-rays. Keep in mind that no two people are exactly alike, so what was recommended for your child will not necessarily be what is recommended for you.

Adult Orthodontics at Kling Orthodontics Provides Better Solutions Than Your Local Dentist

Your primary dentist probably does a fantastic job of keeping your teeth and gums healthy, restoring your teeth if they become damaged, and treating infections. They may even be able to improve your smile. However, when it comes to straightening teeth and aligning the jaw, a dentist does not have the same level of training an orthodontist has, nor do they have the same level of clinical experience. As such, they are more of a generalist, whereas an orthodontist is a specialist in this particular area of oral health. When visiting an orthodontist, you will have more options available to you and the benefit of speaking with someone who straightens teeth on a daily basis.

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